We believe that a fortified approach to portfolio construction is fundamental to helping investors achieve their investment goals with greater certainty. To help advisors build stronger, more resilient investor portfolios, we have compiled a tip sheet of seven actionable ideas we call the BARBELL approach to portfolio construction.

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As an advisor, why would I want to
rethink how I build client portfolios?

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Shorter and sharper economic cycles may drive stock and bond volatility higher

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Stock and bond returns are expected to be lowered amid higher, more volatile inflation

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Stocks and bonds may not diversify one another, creating “single asset” portfolios

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It all adds up to a meaningful shift in market regime, where doing nothing may amount to investors assuming more risk in their portfolios.

These seven actionable ideas in the BARBELL approach offer a widely applicable framework for constructing portfolios with the potential to achieve investor goals more efficiently and across a broader range of economic and market scenarios.

Some may seem unconventional, but they’re all grounded in research from our portfolio construction experts. Implement them selectively and in whatever sequence best suits your clients’ unique needs.

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